VASF 2019 Design Book

INDIVIDUAL DESIGNS CHOOSE FROM METAL METALLIC, CRYSTAL OR HOLOGRAPHIC SEQUIN OPTIONS 1-INCH OPTIONS 2-INCH OPTIONS Contact your sales specialist to learn how to customize your design with our exclusive flash apps and embellishments. TS = THREADLESS SEQUINS Threadless Sequin Transfer Colors: HOLOGRAPHIC COLORS: Black, Columbia Blue, Gold, Hot Green, Hot Pink, Kelly, Orange, Purple, Royal, Scarlet, Silver, and Turquoise. METAL COLORS: Charcoal Grey, Jade, Mint, Navy, Purple, and White. SOLID COLORS: Gold, Silver. RX = CRYSTALS Crystal Transfer Colors: Aqua, Black, Clear, Columbia Blue, Gold, Gunmetal, Hot Green, Hot Pink, Iridescent, Jade, Kelly, Orange, Pink, Purple, Royal, and Scarlet. RM = METAL METALLICS Black, Gold, Gunmetal, Silver. HEM PANEL & WAISTBAND DESIGNS DESIGN 4 DESIGN 1 DESIGN 2 DESIGN 3 RMSTR1 RXSTR1 TSSTR1 RMSTR2 RXSTR2 TSSTR2 RMSTR11 RXFA11 TSFA11 RMSTR12 RXFA12 TSFA12 DESIGN 10 DESIGN 11 DESIGN 14 DESIGN 5 DESIGN 6 DESIGN 8 DESIGN 12 DESIGN 13 DESIGN 15 DESIGN 16 DESIGN 17 DESIGN 7 HEM PANEL & WAISTBAND DESIGNS Adult: SWWB2W Youth: SWWB2Y Adult: SWHP2W Youth: SWHP2Y Adult: SWWB1W Youth: SWWB1Y Adult: SWHP1W Youth: SWHP1Y INDIVIDUAL APPS SWFA6 CLEAR SWFA6 IRIDESCENT SWFA6 GUNMETAL SWFA3 GUNMETAL SWFA4 GOLD SWFA4 SILVER SWFA5 GOLD SWFA3 CLEAR SWFA5 SILVER Adult: SWHP3 Youth: SWHP3Y Adult: SWWB3 Youth: SWWB3Y Adult: SWHP4 Youth: SWHP4Y Adult: SWWB4 Youth: SWWB4Y SWFA7 SWFA8 55 54