2019 VSF Catalog

LIGHT SHO A. BODYSUIT Filled Back DL-186 $112.95 Keyhole Back DL-186K $117.95 Front lined. Rhinestones: (RHCHVI) $12. Lettering: (CFASW-3) 3" with rhinestones sold separately (CMC20HF). Emblem: (ECM-84) 3". BRA TOP DT-1719C $41.95 Front and back MotionFLEX ® lining. A-LINE SKIRT With Brief MFSV-1817B $75.95 Without Brief MFSV-1817 $65.95 Rhinestones: (RHVWB) $12, (RHSP) $18. 126 All the right moves, in the brightest looks – light up the night in Varsity Dance™. B. BODYSUIT With Rhinestones Filled Back MFBL-1817BRH $128.95 Keyhole Back MFBL-1817KBRH $132.95 Without Rhinestones Filled Back MFBL-1817B $98.95 Keyhole Back MFBL-1817KB $102.95 Lettering: (CFCBWBL-2) 4" and (CFCBWBL-2) 2" with rhinestones sold separately (CMC20HF). CHOKER DA-180 $10.95 Hook and eye closure. Rhinestones sold separately: (CMC20HF). A-LINE SKIRT With Brief MFSV-1828B $65.95 Without Brief MFSV-1828 $55.95 Lettering: (CFLM-2) 3" with rhinestones sold separately (CMC20HF). Available Not Shown: HIP LENGTH TOP With Rhinestones Filled Back MFBL-1817HRH $118.95 Keyhole Back MFBL-1817KHRH $122.95 Without Rhinestones Filled Back MFBL-1817H* $88.95 Keyhole Back MFBL-1817KH $92.95 *Available in Youth sizes.